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Monday, 03 November 2014 00:00

How to Jailbreak iOS 8 Using Pangu

As promised, the China jailbreak team had just released the stable version of jailbreak for iOS 8 - 8.1. This jailbreak already bundle with Cydia so you don't need to install Cydia manually. If you wish to jailbreak your iOS 8, you can do it now. However, please remember to update the untethered package to 0.3 in Cydia.Please follow the step below to perform jailbreak.Step 1: Download latest version of Pangu (v1.1) from the Pangu website (en.pangu.io) and save it to the desktop.Step 2: Ensure the latest version of iTunes (v12.0.1) is installed on your iDevice and it is recognised…
When Apple took to the stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference last month, we knew that there would be some big iOS-related announcements as part of the keynote. But whilst we’d already gathered quite an insight into HealthKit and such, we didn’t foresee the opening up of several key areas of the platform to third parties. As well as bringing widgets and offering developers the chance to do more with Siri, the Cupertino company finally came through and brought third-party keyboard support, and given how the AutoCorrect had become a bit of a running joke, the announcement did not arrive…
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 00:00

First Look of Demo for Safari Extensions

This year’s WWDC wasn’t only notable for the fact that we got to witness the future of Mac OS X and iOS, but it was also extremely important as it represented a shift in how Apple sees the future of iOS, as well as the developers who build apps for the platform. The introduction of Safari Extensions and opening up of the Touch ID APIs indicates that Apple is planning on allowing developers greater access to the internals of iOS. It also allows companies like 1Password to experiment, create and demonstrate fantastic software that makes use of the latest APIs…
We saw many wonderful features in iOS 8 at WWDC earlier this month. But there are still more. According to AnandTech, they found a new API in iOS 8 which will give a manual exposure in the iOS 8 native camera app. This can be a very good feature as Apple had "lock" their iOS camera app for the pass many years. The API will allow developers to release apps that take proper control of things like shutter speed, ISO and EV bracketing and also exposure bias. Besides that, focus and white balance will also be available.
We has seen many feature in iOS 8 beta 1, at iOS 8 beta 2, Apple make any improvement and bug fix. However, there are still some hidden feature Apple has not officially announce at their WWDC earlier this month. Another hidden feature that found in iOS 8 beta 2 is the "City Tours" feature, when you activate the city tours in the Map App. The app will automatically bring you to their "Fly Over" building and let you tour around the building. See the video below: