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Thursday, 27 December 2012 09:19

iPhone 5S Concept [VIDEO]

iPhone 5S Concept iPhone 5S Concept
People have been start talking about iPhone 5S which suspected to launch/announce at WWDC (2013). As the trend of Apple, we knew that the design will still be the same as iPhone 5 but this creative people come out with a concept that iPhone 5S with Mac OS X.

In this concept, iPhone 5S will have a laser keyboard which will project from the bottom of the iPhone 5S body and a projector build-in to iPhone 5S. Users can flip this iPhone 5S to stand mode then use it as a Mac OS X. Check out the video below.

As we know that this is not going to happen as Apple will always think of its iPhone battery life... However, this is really a good concept.
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