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Wednesday, 02 July 2014 00:00

First Look of Demo for Safari Extensions

First Look of Demo for Safari Extensions First Look of Demo for Safari Extensions

This year’s WWDC wasn’t only notable for the fact that we got to witness the future of Mac OS X and iOS, but it was also extremely important as it represented a shift in how Apple sees the future of iOS, as well as the developers who build apps for the platform. The introduction of Safari Extensions and opening up of the Touch ID APIs indicates that Apple is planning on allowing developers greater access to the internals of iOS. It also allows companies like 1Password to experiment, create and demonstrate fantastic software that makes use of the latest APIs within iOS, once again demonstrated by the attached Vine.


1Password from AgileBits is well-known for being one of the most comprehensive pieces of software available for storing / recalling passwords for every website visited. It also seems that the company is well and truly embracing the latest Apple technologies in its in-beta version of its iOS app.


The Vine video, uploaded by Gabriel Nevado, shows a native activity sheet within Safari handing the password authentication off to a Safari Extension. The 1Password team then uses Touch ID as mean for authentication to seamlessly log into a Amazon account without having to type in a long password each time.




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