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Thursday, 12 September 2013 11:30

Apple Announce iPhone 5C

Apple Announce iPhone 5C Apple Announce iPhone 5C
Finally, Apple announced iPhone 5C at the media event. Apple remove iPhone 5 and replace with a "new design" iPhone 5C as Tim Cooks said at the event. iPhone 5C comes with many color and more importantly, its back casing color is perfectly match with the wallpaper in iOS 7. This make the iPhone 5C looks great. This suppose to be the low-cost iPhone but it seems like Apple is over quote this iPhone this time. It is selling at USD530++ for the unlocked version. iFix4You believe, the price in Malaysia will be RM1699.

For an iPhone RM1699, whether expensive or cheap we leave it for you. To share with you, if Apple do not remove iPhone 5 from the list, the price of iPhone 5 should drop to RM1699 too. So what is the different between current iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C?

The biggest different is the housing and color. However, almost every components are the same for this two devices :-)
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