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Tuesday, 10 September 2013 09:31

What to Expect at the Apple Media Event

What to Expect at the Apple Media Event What to Expect at the Apple Media Event
Let's discuss what to expect from the event that just a few hours later...

iOS 7: 100% Sure

It is 100% sure iOS 7 will announce again at this media event and also please expect the downloading might be availabe 1 week after the event. iOS 7 come with many new feature which previous only jailbroken iPhone can do that. You can check out this link for the feature and also compare the feature that available in Cydia. I am personally using the beta version of iOS 7 now, it looks cool and does not look urgly like everyone say. However, I still find there are some bug in the latest beta. Hope Apple solve that out and release fo many of us soon.

New iPhone(s): 100% Sure

It is again 100% sure a/two iPhone(s) will be announce. A refresh from iPhone 5 (iPhone 5S) and a new low-cost iPhone (iPhone 5C). iPhone 5S rumours to have a biometric reader at the home button which can identify the own finger print and iPhone 5C should come with limit feature like no siri and so on. Besides, iPhone 5C should still use the A6 processor to cut down its cost. Where, iPhone 5S should have the latest processor A7 with better performance and grahpic processing.

New iPad(s): Maybe

Apple announce their iPad Mini and iPad 4 last year around this time, so it could be a refersh time for this two big and small brothers. However, there are no rumours saying Apple is going to announce this. Although, we saw many leak image for the next generation of iPad and iPad Mini, this could be the day. Anyway, anyone of you still remember, most people were shock when Apple announce their iPad 4 :)

New Macs: Maybe

At this point, pretty much every Mac except the MacBook Air is nearly due (or past due) for a Haswell-flavored refresh. With a few exceptions, Apple doesn't use Mac products as headliners of late, opting to refresh them one or two at a time as part of separate events throughout the year. The most anticipated Mac of them all (at least among a certain subset of Apple buyers) will be the Mac Pro, which is getting its first major update in three years sometime "this fall." While we doubt that Tim Cook will get up on stage and announce that the new workstation will be ready to drop into our laps on September 10, it could be the case that we at least get a more specific release date for the computer.

New iPods: Maybe No and Bye bye

Please do not expect much from iPod refresh. We even think Apple may drop this product line due to iPhone 5C. Tell me, what will you buy if the iPhone 5C cost is very close to iPod. We know the answer.

One more product: Who knows...
Apple like to give people surprice. So please expect some wow from this event or at least the rumours Apple watch.
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