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Thursday, 13 June 2013 11:06

iOS 7 Features - Can Your iPhone Support?

Apple already release the first beta version of iOS 7, for users who want to try the new beta, they can register the iPhone UDID with us here. For users who can wait until this October, they might need to know what new features can their iPhone support. Today we are sharing a chart to show your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch compatibility in iOS 7. 
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 10:36

iOS 7 - New Features and Compatibility

Apple had finally unveil their latest iOS 7 at last night WWDC. With the lead of Jony Ive, iOS 7 get a fresh new design, new features (include some features that most people dream of) and new style. Control Center Yes, one of the iOS 7 new features is control center. A control center is much similar to a jailbreak tweak call (SBSetting) in Cydia. Now, users do not need to jailbreak their iPhone also can get this wonderful feature. With control center, you can easily turn on/off your daily setting like Airplane, Wifi, Bluetooth, No Do Disturb and even…
Thursday, 30 May 2013 11:14

Let Your iPhone a True Multitask Device

Background Manager is a recently released tweak from deVbug that brings true multitasking to iOS 6. The default iOS multitasking works by suspending the process in the memory. However with the Background Manager, you can choose to run any app on the background as if it was running on foreground. Notably, Background Manager is not an update to the popular Backgrounder tweak; rather, it's a tweak that was completely written from scratch to bring Backgrounder-like functions to iOS 6. The latest update to Background Manager fixes issues with app crashes, apps not loading, and badge numbers. Preferences are configured from…
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 09:50

i'm Watch - World First Smartwatch

Rumous have been telling around that smartwatch will be the market of year 2013. Well, today i'm watch make it come true. i'm watch is an android smartwatch that let you pair your smartphone and smartwatch via bluetooth technology. After paired, you can answer call, read sms, view photo right from your smartwatch. Besides those basic functions, smartwatch also offer user with i'm cloud. A cloud feature that similar to iCloud, it will allow user to control the app from i'm watch and organise app as well. You also can install many different for i'm watch to enchance it's features.…
As many people now, Apple WWDC is the biggest event for Apple every year. This year, Apple already set their WWDC 2013 on 10 - 14 June at San Francisco. It is expected the new iOS (iOS 7) and OS X will be announce at this event. Many rumous say, iOS 7 will have a new look or at least a lot more different than iOS 6. Since Jonny Ive is looking over the iOS department now, this is really something we can expect. Originally Posted by Phil Schiller We look forward to gathering at WWDC 2013 with the incredible…
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 09:34

iPad 5 Aluminium Case Reveal

Everyone knows iPad 5 is coming. What else can we expect from iPad 5, because current iPad is already very thin with retina display and also long battery life. The only downside is iPad has been always hole the image of "too big" for lady or even some man. However, iPad Mini is not really a favor iPad for most man because it is too small. To solve above problem, Apple needs to reduce iPad size while still maintain it 10' screen size. The only part they can reduce now is the bezel of iPad. Earlier, report show that iPad…
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 09:18

iPhone 5S Featuring An A7 Processor

Rumous of iPhone 5S is coming around, everyone is expecting something new from Apple iPhone 5S. According to report, iPhone 5S will maintain the same design of iPhone 5 but completely redesign the internal component. This is quite normal as Apple had been doing this since iPhone 3G. Latest report announce, iPhone 5S will featuring an A7 processor but the actual clock speed still remain unknown. However, it is report that iPhone 5S will have 2GB of RAM. This mean it will increase App's cache size and improve performance. Please stay back, we will update more news on the coming…
Cydia creator Jay Freeman, better known as Saurik, is well known for his long, insightful speeches on numerous topics relating to the jailbreak scene, and today, has taken to his official blog to give users a better insight into the limitations of SHSH blobs and APTickets. Backing up these little clusters of information offers significant downgrade potential to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, but what has recently become apparent to Saurik, is that they’re essentially useless to some of the more recent devices. As well as explaining and clarifying a few matters relating to APTickets and SHSH blobs, he…
If you ever want to pick a music to play in iOS, this is the step unlock your device -> open "songs" app -> pick your music to play. Imagine, if you are driving, this will drive you crazy. Developer (rvirajm) had just developer a tweak for jailbroken iPhone. With this tweak, you can simply double click home button to bring the music picker. Then tap at the icon and select your song. Is that simple.
Today, Apple just released an update to their iOS with version iOS 6.1.3. This version include some bugs fixed and an improvement to Japan map. Please note that, this is just a minor update and no any new feature included. If you are depend on jailbreak then please do not update because Apple closed one of the jailbreak exploit in this version. Once you update, there is no way to jailbreak or restore back to iOS 6.1.2. Therefore, jailbreaker, please do not update to this version.
Thursday, 14 March 2013 14:31

Get an Iron Man Suit for your iPhone 5

Iron man fans... you can finally get an Iron man suit for your iPhone. This suit not only come with a cute and cool design but also some funs. The back of your iPhone 5 will immediately transform to an Iron Man suit Here is actually where the fun comes, you need to flip the case when you take photo :)